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Vehicles are used to cover great amounts of distance quickly when compared to travel on foot.

WingSuit[edit | edit source]

The WingSuit is a pair of wings strapped to your back that will deploy when you hold jump (space), while it is not a "mount" as such, it does enable users to glide.

These are cheap to make and does not require fuel but do need stamina to deploy.

Activating an item is impossible while gliding.

Note: The WingSuit creates a recognizable noise when being used, something to keep in mind when trying to hide or run away from enemy players, or trying to sneak up on one.

Wingsuit.png Name Description Fuel Usage Crafting Costs
WingSuit Deployable WingSuit. Soar like a bird! None
WingSuit+ Deployable WingSuit (PLUS!) Soar like a bird! (Deploy by holding jump when in free fall. Allows for faster flight. None

Monocycle[edit | edit source]

A Monocycle is a personal one-wheeled Motorcycle, also known as an Monowheel and is likely the first mount that you will acquire a blueprint for.

These are fairly cheap to make and fuel for the vehicle is not so costly.

It is fairly easy to get caught up on rocks or trees due to your increased size when mounted.

Note: The Monocycle creates a loud 'motor' sound that will give away your position. Aside from this, the Monocycle will always have its headlights on. Hence, using this at night will make you stand out.

Monocycle.jpg Name Description Fuel Usage Crafting Cost
Monocycle A personal vehicle to get around! NOTE: Burns wood for fuel. 40 Wood Per Minute
Monocycle + A personal vehicle to get around! NOTE: Burns wood and fossils for fuel. Improved fuel Efficiency and Speed. 20 Wood and 1 Fossil per Minute.

JetPack[edit | edit source]

Jetpacks lets you fly anywhere you want. The sky's the limit!

These are extremely loud and have the same travel speed as Monocycles.

Note that you do NOT use fuel if you are idling/falling. Falling with a Jetpack equipped is slower and does NOT cause injury.

Don't accidentally equip another item while flying as you will fall out of the sky and potentially die. You are unable to equip/re-equip the Jetpack unless you are stationary and falling is not considered stationary.

Jetpack1.jpg Name Fuel usage Crafting cost
JetPack 120 Wood
per minute.
JetPack + 60 Wood
6 Fossils
per minute.

Doom Buggy[edit | edit source]

The Doom Buggy is a fast lightweight vehicle that can carry up to three players at once and can be built at an Vehicle Bay.

It consumes organics and can consume Plasma if Turbo is used (shift key), be careful with turbo, because it burns your Plasma pretty fast.

Doom Buggy.jpg Name Fuel usage Crafting cost
Doom Buggy 100 Organics per minute

Boost consumes plasma at rate of 360 per minute.

Hammerhead[edit | edit source]

The Hammerhead is a high-level vehicle. You can loot the Blueprint for it while playing the Pilot Job. The Blueprint is dropped by level 35+ aggressive Flying Bug bosses. You need a Vehicle Bay to craft it and it is very expensive. It allows you to move very fast trough any planets and consumes Plasma (100/min or 250/min if boost is used via left shift-key). It can carry up to three players at once, a pilot, and two gunners.

Hammerhead.jpg Name Fuel usage Crafting cost
Hammerhead Consumes plasma for fuel. Rate of 100 per min.
Consumes plasma for boost. Rate of 250 per min.
Consumes 2 ore per shot, same as centurion

Centurion[edit | edit source]

The Centurion is a Tank.

Centurion.jpg Name Fuel usage Crafting cost
Centurion Consumes plasma for fuel at a rate of 60 per minute.
Pilot machine gun consumes 2 ore per 3 shots.
Gunner main cannon consumes 150 ore, 35 magmanite, 35 sunstone per shot.