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Stims restore health or grant temporary bonuses to various stats and mechanics.

Stims[edit | edit source]

Name Description Crafting Requirements

Damage Stim

Increases damage dealt
Defense Stim Increases Defense for a period of time.

Health Stim Starter

Restores 100 health when used.

Health Stim

Restores 400 health when used.

Invis Stim

Turns you invisible for 30 seconds. While invisible creatures and turrets will not attack you. Using an item or weapon will break invisibility, using a vehicle will not.

Speed Stim

Increased run speed for 7.5 seconds.

Recall to Uplink Stim

Returns you to your current Uplink after a brief time. This stim has no effect and is not consumed if you do not have an uplink. Does not work between planets.

Bag Summon Stim

Summons all currently summonable bags to your inventory. Dropped bags become summonable after 10 minutes.