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In Patch 9.2 five different Rocket Launchers existed. Two of them are fired with guided rockets (anti vehicle) while the other three use common rockets.

Those 5 Rocket Launchers are:

Stats Cost
Ifri anti vehicle missile 2 rockets magazine

Rate of Fire 30 rounds/min





Twinkling Tundrite:

Bugdog Eyeball:

Gurzil anti vehicle missile 4 rockets magazine

45 rounds/min

Deimos rocket launcher 2 rockets magazine

30 rounds/min

Phobos rocket launcher 4 rockets magazine

45 rounds/min

Ares rocket plattform 5 rockets magazine

45 rounds/min

Rocket Launchers require a wide range of different materials to craft. Mostly sunstone and Bomber parts are needed. The sunstone can easily be collected on The Great Basin (low planets) and bomber can be found on any planet. Most mid to high level players will own a rocket Launcher. For players building their first Rocket Launcher on a moderate budget the Deimos Rocket Launcher is the best choice. Later on the Phobos Rocket Launcher is the most popular one.Rocket launchers are available in all elemental variations (also Player Soul) and are also effected by the passive armory cost reduction skill (also rockets). The Ares Rocket Platform is the Pilots job ultimate weapon, therefore the job must be leveled to 60 before the Blueprint can be obtained.