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Resources are harvest-able assets in the world of GRAV.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Resources are used for the construction of items, rooms, buildings, weapons, etc. They are fundamental components to the gameplay of GRAV, and can be found both on planetary surfaces and in Dungeons. Resources differ from each other in the products they produce and the uses they provide. Many different resources may be needed to create a single product.

Basic Resource Gathering[edit | edit source]

All general resources are mined with a MultiTool. A MultiTool is one of the few things that everyone begins with. A player's backpack will always contain a MultiTool even if they die and their corpse is looted.

Almost all general resources such as wood, fossils, gems, and ore take 9 seconds to mine (using MultiTool - Mark I) with a single person mining that resource. Note that the time it takes to mine a resource will vary depending on the number of players mining the same resource node, the efficiency of their MultiTool (Mark I, Mark II, Mark III, etc.) and whether they are using harvest booster pets. All basic resource nodes will contain around 20 units. This can be affected by critical hits a player receives during the mining process.

In order to find specific resources players may have to travel across multiple areas. For example if a player is looking for wood they would need to find a forest to mine it in the most effective way, much like a player would need to find a field to mine fossils in the most effective way.

Depleted resources in a given area will respawn after approximately one in-game day, though they might not do so in exactly the same place.

General Resources[edit | edit source]

General Resources refer to the most basic and common resources that are found through out GRAV

Special Resources[edit | edit source]

Special resources are resources that either require more effort to collect or resources that are unique in their dynamics.