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One of the building categories in GRAV. These Items do not follow the modular system of the rooms, and can be placed almost anywhere the player wishes.

Image Name In-Game Description Build Cost
Icon Arrow Sign.png
Arrow Sign A simple Arrow Sign used for not so simple purposes. Dungeon Navigation. The start of a treasure hunt. Showing who has a bigger... base. Fossils x5
Wood x5
Icon CampFire.png
Camp Fire It will keep you warm at night. If there is enough wood to burn. They say dancing around camp fires has mystical powers! Wood x20
Icon CustomSign.png
Custom Sign Make a sign you can customize! Ore x20
Wood x40
Icon Flag.png
Flag Put a flag down and show the world that you have been here! Also a great way to decorate your base! Ore x20
Wood x40
Icon Foundation Ramp.png
Foundation Ramp A ramp that attaches to foundations! Gems x30
Wood x60
Ladder Attachment A ladder that attaches to rooms! Ore x60
Wood x60
Icon StorageBin.png
Storage Bin Store Resources. Fossils x40
Gems x40
Ore x40
Wood x40
Icon Uplink.png
Uplink Allows player to set respawn location. As long as it is not destroyed and you are bound here you will respawn at this location. Fossils x10
Gems x5
Wood x10