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Pet variants can be constructed at a factory with the correct Blueprint or purchased pre-constructed from one of the MR. VENDROIDs, GRAV's "Galactic Merchants" who walk about all planets. All pets can be stored in stacks of 20.

Pets work in much the same manner as Stims and Food Items. While you cannot yet (March 2016) right-click a pet directly in your inventory, you can move it to your hotbar and use the keybind as normal.

Once summoned a Pet will last for 10 hours in-game time. This translates to 10 mins real-time on Official Servers.

Take care when summoning multiple pets that you do not summon them too quickly. Wait at least 2 seconds between summons. If you summon too fast a pet will be used from your inventory but will not appear and will not give you any bonuses (May 2016).

For most of the pets you will need to get the related job to level of 5 before being able to craft the pet. There are no job requirements to use a pet. Each job unlocks one pet. More detail can be seen in the list below.

By default, players are only able to control a single pet at a time. This number, as well as individual pets' duration, can be increased by leveling up the "Pet Control" and "Pet Duration" Player Skills. You start the game with these skills, they do not need to be unlocked but need to be leveled up before applying effect.

When having multiple pets out at the same time, their effects stack. For example if you have two XP pets out, where each pet increases your XP gained by 50%, the total XP increase will be 100%.

Pet Variants[edit | edit source]

A pet that casts light. No job requirements to construct.
A pet that increases the amount you harvest in each strike. Level 5 Prospector job required to construct.
A pet that increases your shooting damage. Level 5 Hunter job required to construct.
A pet that increases your run speed. Level 5 Acrobat job required to construct.
A pet that reduces construction costs of base items and rooms. Level 5 Engineer job required to construct.
A pet that regenerates player health over time. Level 5 Scientist job required to construct.
A pet that increases the exp acquired. Level 5 Pilot job required to construct.