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Placed Items
Gems x45
Ore x60
Powers your base. That Laser Fence, Turret and Nexus Shield won't do you any good if you don't have one of these running nearby. Upgrade this to power your base defense items! Consumes wood to provide energy.

The Generator is a basic survival item in the world of GRAV. It is necessary to power many active base devices such as Beacons, Forcefield Doors, and defenses, and burns Wood to provide this power.

Level Max Capacity Fuel Efficiency Max run time from full tank
1 300 50s / wood 4h 10m
2 600 75s / wood 12h 30m
3 900 100s / wood 1d 1h 0m
4 1200 125s / wood 1d 17h 40m
5 1500 150s / wood 2d 14h 30m
6 1800 175s / wood 3d 15h 30m