You can create a Dedicated server using the guide here or rent a Dedicated Server for GRAV from a Game Server Provider.

Creating a Dedicated Server Batch File Edit

Image Step Description
GRAV DServerTut 04
Step 1 Create a text document [Steam install location]\steamapps\common\GRAV\Binaries\Win32, paste the following into that text document' CAGGameServer-Win32-Shipping brokerstart?steamsockets?Port=7785?PeerPort=7786?QueryPort=27019?MaxPlayers=64?ServerName=MYNAME?planetmanagername=MYMETAPLACE -seekfreeloadingserver
GRAV DServerTut 05
Step 2 "Port" default should be fine. Changing your port will require you to enter open (in game) and is often useful for hiding your server from the public.
GRAV DServerTut 06
Step 3 "PeerPort" default also should be fine.
GRAV DServerTut 07
Step 4 "MaxPlayers" is the maximum amount of players you would like to allow. 64 is the maximum you can set.
GRAV DServerTut 08
Step 5 "ServerName" is what you want your server to be seen as in the server browser.

PvE Option

PvE OPTION!! - Say you want to start a server that is PvE! This would be a server that would not allow anyone to be able to hurt each other. There is an option for that! If you would like it to PvE you need to add "?allowpvp=0" to your command line. So the above line would read:

CAGGameServer-Win32-Shipping brokerstart?steamsockets?Port=7785?PeerPort=7786?QueryPort=27019?MaxPlayers=64?ServerName=MYNAME?planetmanagername=MYMETAPLACE?allowpvp=0 -seekfreeloadingserver

Password Protect Password Protect your server to keep those pesky people out of your server. CAGGameServer-Win32-Shipping brokerstart?steamsockets?Port=7785?PeerPort=77­86?QueryPort=27019?MaxPlayers=64?ServerN­ame="My GRAV Dedicated Server"?gamepassword=YOUR_PASSWORD -seekfreeloadingserver

To connect to passworded server: open 12.345.678.91:7785?password=PASSWORD

Note: Add ?AdminPassword=ADMIN_PASSWORD to protect Admin commands Enter AdminLogin ADMIN_PASSWORD to activate those commands for Admins.

GRAV DServerTut 09
Step 6 After you have completed making needed changes you will need to set "Save as type" to be "All Files(*.*)" and name the file with a ".bat" extension. such as Start.bat
Step 7


If you would like to create a shorcut to this batch file just "Right Click" then "Send to" then "Desktop (create shortcut)".
Step 8 You should now be able to run the newly create batch file directly or from the shortcut. If your network is not behind a firewall then your newly created server should be visible from the in-game GRAV server browser.


CONNECT to Your "Local Dedicated" Server Edit

Image Step Description
Step 1 Open GRAV!
TAB Console

Hit TAB to open "console"

Step 2 Once you are at the server browser, open console by hitting TAB key.
TypeLocal IP

Type Local IP

Step 3 Now you have to connect to your local host server that you created. In the console window that opens up type: open
Step 4 If you are successful you should see lots of activity happening in your dedicated server window. Soon you will be off to playing your very own single player version of GRAV!


Want Your Friends to Connect? Go Public with your IP! Edit

Image Step Description
Step 1 Let Google tell you your Public IP! Here
Step 2 PortForward on your router (default:7785), If you are setup correctly with your router, firewall and other network settings you should be visible in the GRAV Server Browser. If not, troubleshoot in the next section below with all of the links provided by Steam!
Open IP
Step 3 If you want people to join your server using your IP from step 1, have them start the game, Once THEY are at the server browser, open console by hitting TAB key. Then have them open your IP by typing "open" and then the IP that Google gave you.

Links for Preparing or Troubleshooting a Hosted GRAV Dedicated Server Edit


Linux/Windows server: Edit

Want to run a dedicated GRAV server on your Linux/Windows server try SteamCMD [App ID = 332500]

Hunter's Super Simple Server

.ReFleX's Server Manager

Additional notes: Edit

- To reset your servers world delete the files in Steam\steamapps\common\GRAV\CAGGame\Cloud\*

- New versions have a folder for each planet and one for all the players on the server. You may also have a backup for players in another folder.

Grav cloud folders

Always backup folders before removing them in case you remove something you did not intend to remove.

Dedicated Server Hosting CompaniesEdit

See: List of GRAV Server Providers

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