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Summary[edit | edit source]

A number of items can only be made at Crafting Base Item that you have to build first and then "use" by standing close to them (default E). You can place Crafting Base Item on uneven ground like grass or within buildings, but not too close to the entrance of Dungeons or too close to StarGates you have not built yourself.

Once placed, a Crafting Base Item cannot be moved. You can only set it to "self-destruct" which will refund you some resources used to construct them..

Stations[edit | edit source]

Armory[edit | edit source]

See: Armory
GRAV Armory.jpg

Allows you to craft Ammo, Armor, Weapons, and other projectile Devices.

Composter[edit | edit source]


Converts wood to organics.

Factory[edit | edit source]

See: Factory
GRAV Factory.jpg

Allows you to craft personal vehicles and traps.

Kitchenette[edit | edit source]

GRAV Reborn Splash.bmp

Let your inner chef be unleashed! This base item will be the centerpiece for creating all sorts of food concoctions.

Research Station[edit | edit source]

GRAV Research Station.jpg

Allows you to research and unlock new player jobs!

Science Station[edit | edit source]

GRAV ScienceStation.jpg

Allows you to craft Stims and Devices.

Vehicle Bay[edit | edit source]

GRAV Reborn Splash.bmp

Build Large Vehicles. Vehicles built from the Vehicle Bay are spawned directly into the world and need to be protected when you log out. They will not go back into your inventory.