Console commands are used to set options that are not available through the GUI or to execute administrative commands for managing your own server.

Accessing the Console[]

Press ~ (under ESCAPE key) or TAB to open the command console. Once open, you can enter some of the commands below and press ENTER to execute.

Console Commands[]

Command Description
ClientSetFOFCode Int If more than one player uses the same FoF Code, they become a team and are able to share their structures and etc; Y for team chat; ClientSetFOFCode 0 to leave the group.
ClientGetFoFCode Shows your current FoF Code.
SetRes FString Sets the game to any resolution. You can add 'w' in the end of the line to set it to windowed mode or 'f' for fullscreen. SetRes 320x240w
FOV Float Sets camera's field of view to any float number, from 1.00 to 170.00
ToggleHUD Hides the HUD (enter the command again to show it).
OpenDebugMenu Allows for you to see your FPS and some other info.
Stat FPS Shows your FPS.
Stat UNIT Shows times for Frame, Game, Draw, and GPU
SetPlayerPrimaryColor R G B Sets your armor's primary color to R G B (values between 0.0 - 1.0).

Example: SetPlayerPrimaryColor 1.0 0.65 0.0 for orange primary color.

SetPlayerSecondaryColor R G B Sets your armors secondary color to R G B (values between 0.0 - 1.0)

Example: SetPlayerSecondaryColor 0.55 0.27 0.07 for brown secondary color

SetPlayerEmissiveColor R G B Sets your shoulders glow color to R G B (values between 0.0 - 1.0)

Example: SetPlayerEmissiveColor 0.5 0 0.5 for purple glow

SetSensitivity Float Set Mouse Sensitivity (default: 60.0)
Obj List Lists all objects loaded into memory. (Takes a while to load, may freeze game temporarily).
Obj Classes Shows the class structure. (Takes a while to load, may freeze game temporarily).
Open IPAddress Connects to a server with given IP Address.
FogDensity Float Sets the fog density in range of 0.0 - 1.0.

Admin Console Commands[]

Command Description
AdminLogin str Login as administrator to be able to use special commands below (you should be connected to your server, to login as administrator)

Example: AdminLogin 123

AdminPlayerList Shows all players on server, their levels, ping, and player ID for that server.
AdminKick int Kicks a player from your server

Example: AdminKick PLAYER_ID

AdminKickBan int Bans a player from your server.

Example: AdminKickBan PLAYER_ID

Admin Cheat Console Commands[]

Command Description
CheatGod Makes you immortal (enter the command again to turn off)
UnlockAllBlueprints Unlocks all blueprints.
CheatResources Allows you to cheat in resources
CheatFly Allows for you to fly
CheatGhost Allows you to fly, go through objects, and walls (disables collision; noclip).
CheatWalk Turns off CheatFly or CheatGhost (sets you back to normal state).
CheatSetTimeOfDay int Sets the server time to hour (0 - 24).
SetPlayerLevel int Sets your characters level (0 - 60)

Additional Commands[]

Mouse Sensitivity[]

setsensitivity X

Where X is a number like 0 - 10 to set your mouse to an appropriate sensitivity.

Screen Resolution[]

SetRes FString

Sets the game to any resolution. You can add 'w' in the end of the line to set it to windowed mode or 'f' for fullscreen.


setres 1920x1080

Full Screen / Windowed Modes[]

To go full screen or windowed you hit F11 or press ALT + Enter.

Field of View[]

fov amount

Where amount can be between 0 - 170. 110 is recommended as it gives you more to see without getting too stretched.

Player Colors[]

setplayerprimarycolor R G B A

Where R, G, B, A values are the Red, Green, Blue and Alpha color values (from 0 - 255). For example, to be pure Blue: setplayerprimarycolor 0 0 255 0.