The Collapsed Star Fragment is a resource needed for the Artifact Decrypter. Collapsed Star Fragments will occasionally drop from around LvL22-Bosses like Tech-Hunters and Guardians.

With Patch 13 (April 2nd 2015) the "World Artifact Decrypters have been re-enabled" according to Bitmonster. With Patch 15.3 the drop rate of "star materials" was increased by 10%.


Recipe for the Artifact Decrypter:Edit

Ingredient(s) Amount
Gems 300
Ore 300
Fossils 300
Wood 300
Organics 300
Collapsed Star Fragment 1

The Artifact Decrypter can be upgraded to higher levels with more of the same resources, so also needing more Collapsed Star Fragments (2 for LvL2, 3 for LvL3, another 3 pieces again for LvL4).