Building in GRAV Overview Edit

There are currently (Patch 15.3, May 4th 2015) 6 different categories to chose from your crafting-menu (default key "B") in GRAV: "Rooms", "Advanced Rooms", "Frontier Rooms", "Crafting" (Stations), "Placed Items" and "Powered" (Devices).

You will start your game owning the Blueprints (= "recipes") to build most of these basic items. However some more Blueprints (like Teleporter Rooms, Artifact Decrypter, Stargates, Bio Condenser etc.) will be added later on during the game when you defeat creatures of a certain level; usually bosses.

To craft even more items like Weapons, Armor, Ammo, Stims, Vehicles, handheld devices or advanced materials you will have to build (place and then use) accordingly Crafting Stations first, upgrade some of them gradually, plus for most equipments and items you will also need to collect Blueprints as well to unlock the recipes that will then automatically show up in your crafting menus.

Recycling in GRAV Overview Edit

For picking up or replacing base items you made you currently can only destroy them (and build new ones instead) by using "self-destruction". You can enter the menu shown on the right side of your screen to do so (where you can also "upgrade" most of these base items) either by using the device you have built or - like for buildings - by first selecting to "build" any kind of structure (like a bridge or campfire for instance) and then instead of setting up the chosen structure just ignore their preview and click on the structure you want to destroy (or upgrade) in the background.

Careful; because sometimes the self-destructing-explosion will also destroy other structures and/or devices you have placed closely nearby! Self-destruction will refund you a lot (3/4) of the crafting material you have used for building the structures/devices, but much less from the materials you have invested for upgrades, an no materials it might contain. So before self-destructing Storage Bins or Harvesters please make sure that you first collect all their content. And you WILL want to destroy most/all of your Harvesters at one point, as respawns of Element-X-spots will usually not be at the same location and you cannot place any new Harvesters too close to other Harvesters nearby. Also all your harvesters in a certain range will show on your compass, so all the empty ones would only clutter up your compass-display over time.

Crafting Stations Edit

Image Item Description
GRAV Factory
Factory Allows you to build modular parts, entire creations, and tools. Upgrades resources like Gems, Fossils, Wood, Ore, Plasma, SunStone and Element-X into higher level resources, helps to craft traps like Landmines and Vehicles like Wingsuits, Jetpacks and Monocycles Build it from 30 Gems, 30 Ore and 30 Fossils. Does not have to be powered. Has to be upgraded (current max. LvL 6) for higher level materials.
GRAV Armory
Armory Allows you to build Weapons to play with, Ammo and gear (Armor) for your body that not only makes you look fancy but offers up some enhanced attributes. Also needed to craft Multitools for harvesting and Devices like Flareguns Build it from 30 Wood and 30 Fossils. Does not have to be powered. Has to be upgraded (current max. LvL 6) for higher level equipment.
GRAV ScienceStation
Science Station Allows you to do research. Will help you craft Stims and Devices like the Locator Build it from 30 Gems, 30 Ore and 30 Wood. Does not have to be powered. Can be upgraded.
Bio Condenser Allows you to combine lower level crafting special material like organs of creatures into higher level crafting material. Build it from 30 Gems, 30 Ore, 30 Fossils, 30 Wood, 30 Organics and 30 Plasma. Does not have to be powered. Has to be upgraded (current max. LvL 6) for higher level materials.
Kitchenette Let your inner chef be unleashed! This base item will be the centerpiece for creating all sorts of food concoctions. Currently produces Rations and Large Rations from organics. Build it from 30 Ore, 30 Wood, 30 Organics. Does not have to be powered. Can be upgraded

Location Devices Edit

Image Item Description
Flaregun This will shoot a flare up into the sky!  Who knows what it will attract.
2015-01-11 00007
Flag Claim this land for yourself!
2015-01-11 00056
Beacon When powered shines a beacon into the sky that others can locate. Just be careful since it may attract unwanted guests. Higher levels are visible from farther away.

Gathering Resources Edit

Image Item Description
2015-01-11 00009
Harvester This will harvest the 'Element-X' from this planet when placed on a 'Element-X' resource node in the world.
2015-01-11 00058
Composter Over time this will grow food. You need to feed it with wood though!  It is a compost pile after all. (Was called "Farm" before in earlier versions of GRAV). Changes Wood into Organics, which can then be made into Rations by using the Kitchenette Build it from 20 Woods. Does not have to be powered. Can be upgraded.

The Stargate stands before in all its majesty. Where will you  travel to next ?

Basic Survival Edit

Image Item Description
Uplink Allows player to set respawn location. Players will respawn facing the uplink. If you have multiple uplinks around the world you have to choose one to bind to. Whenever you build a new uplink your character will automatically be bound there and will lose all bindings to other uplinks (until you travel there to bind your character to it anew).
Camp Fire It will keep you warm at night.  If there is enough wood to burn. A special feature of the Camp Fire is its ability to heal you. Just light a fire and then hit (X) to dance next to it while you listen to the awesome GRAV beats. If you have anyone playing with you that have them join the dance. It will not only increase the speed at which everyone heals but also add to the music. Mobs will try to destroy the campfire.
2015-01-11 00057
Generator Powers your base.  That Laser Fence, Turret and Nexus Shield won't do you any good if you don't have one of these running nearby. Upgrade this to power your base defense items! Consumes wood to provide energy.
2015-01-11 00002
Base Storage Bin Store Resources for later use. Only way to trade items with other players without dying.

Defending Edit

Image Item Description
2015-01-11 00003
Laser Fence Node One end of a laser fence! Build another and create a fence of death! Get off my lawn!
2015-01-11 00006
Turret Protect your base!  Needs a generator to power it and will also use lots of ammo if many enemies are around!
2015-01-11 00004
Nexus Shield Node A nexus shield node.  It emits an ultra low frequency wave pulse that seems to keep some local alien inhabitants away.  For others, it enrages them. Higher levels will increase the Shield size.

Privacy settings on the shield will effect everything within it.

I.E. - A shield that is set to "PRIVATE" will make everything within it also set to "PRIVATE."

Alarm Early warning device for detecting hostile life forms.
2015-01-11 00005
Forcefield Door Keep the riffraff out of your base with this forcefield door! (Requires a generator for power)

Rooms Edit

Image Structure Description
Bridge Needed when exploring dungeons or expanding your base. Be ready to build more because they will get destroyed by something or someone.
Closed Room This is a basic building block of a base, stack them together to expand the base. Place it next to another structure like a "Room with Open Door" if you want to get in.
Lookout Room with open windows to lookout.
Room With Open Door Cornerstone of any base, a room that has as door. Place a generator in your base and a forcefied on door, you will then have a base all to yourself. Build rooms next to it to expand your base.
Stairs Stairs will help you access the many levels of your base.
Structural Support When adding a 2nd or 3rd floor to your base you will need to support the rooms somehow.
Structural Support With Ladder Necessary, if you would like to start your base off of the ground. Also can work as a poormans lookout in a pinch.
Forcefield Door Keep the riffraff out of your base with this forcefield door! (Requires a generator for power)