"This will start the process of unlocking the World Artifact. Depending on the level of the World Artifact, it can take game hours to unlock. A Generator is needed. Once the artifact opens SHOOT IT to get all the artifacts"

You can only start building Artifact Decrypters after getting the according Blueprint from LvL15-Bosses or higher. You will then be able to craft these harvesting devices via your "crafting-menu" (default-key "B") under the menu "Powered". The Collapsed Star Fragment will occasionally drop from around LvL22-Bosses or higher, often Tech-Hunters and/or Guardians.

Artifact Decrypters have to be crafted (and placed) in a close range of the silver dome-shaped World Artifacts that you can find on nearly every planet or moon in the GRAV-universe. World Artifacts are especially common in Domes like Science Labs or Research Cores, and will even respawn at the same spots there (mostly end-chambers).

As of patch 16 (May 2015) it is possible to place an Artifact Decrypter very close to the door in front of the room a World Artifact is in, so it will be relatively save from the area-effects of Guardians and/or Bombers.

A Generator has to be active in a decent range (when attempting to craft/place te generator you will see the blue glowing outline for this range) from the Artifact Decrypter to power it. This range can be extended by upgrading the Generator (usually you won't need to) or with Power Relays like usual.

Like most devices the Artifact Decrypter has a number of lights on its surface that will shine blue if the Decrypter is powered. If you deactivate the Artifact Decrypter it will not give off red light, only the blue lights will go dark. As you enter the game the Artifact Decrypter will always be on (as long as the according Generator is active too) even if you had deactivated it when logging off before. Such it is possible to open respawning World Artifacts "automatically" before even reaching the rooms they are in, as long as the Generator has enough fuel (Wood).

The "World Artifact Decrypters have been re-enabled" with Patch 13 (April 2nd 2015) according to Bitmonster.

With Patch 15.3 (May 4th 2015) a bugfix was made so players would no longer build many artifact decrypters on top of one another to instantly make artifacts open. Also with the same patch the drop rate of "star materials" was increased by 10%.


Recipe for the Artifact Decrypter:Edit

Ingredient(s) Amount
Gems 300
Ore 300
Fossils 300
Wood 300
Organics 300
Collapsed Star Fragment 1

The Artifact Decrypter can be upgraded.

Upgrade for the Artifact Decrypter LvL 2:Edit

Ingredient(s) Amount
Gems 600
Ore 600
Fossils 600
Wood 600
Organics 600
Collapsed Star Fragment 2

Upgrade for the Artifact Decrypter LvL 3:Edit

Ingredient(s) Amount
Gems 750
Ore 750
Fossils 750
Wood 750
Organics 750
Collapsed Star Fragment 3

Upgrade for the Artifact Decrypter LvL 4:Edit

Ingredient(s) Amount
Gems 900
Ore 900
Fossils 900
Wood 900
Organics 900
Collapsed Star Fragment 3